UCSF Research at ZSFG during COVID-19

ZSFG-Specific FAQ for the Gradual Increase of UCSF Research Activity


On May 14th, the UCSF Office of Research issued guidance for Phase 1 of the Planning for Gradual Increase of UCSF Research Activity.

On June 4th, the Office of Research announced that Phase 2 of the laboratory-based research reopening would begin on June 8th.

On June 26th, the Office of Research issued updated guidance for clinical research, including a Return to Work Checklist with useful information and links for general considerations and research participants.

This FAQ addresses aspects of this initiative that are unique and specific to ZSFG and is not intended to reiterate information provided in the UCSF guidance. It represents the best current knowledge and will be continually updated as new information becomes available.

If you have questions about the ZSFG-specific policy, please email [email protected].
For questions about the UCSF policy, please email [email protected].




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Clinical Research

Wet Lab Research

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