SF Employee Learning 2019

Privacy Compliance, Annual Education Training, & EPIC Training



Please read ALL instructions below and then login to the SF Employee Learning Portal.

The Department of Education and Training (DET) is pleased to announce the rollout of the City's new Learning Management System: SF Employee Learning. Beginning March 1, 2019 all online training, including the DPH 2019 Annual Compliance and Privacy Training, will be hosted on the SF Employee Learning. SF Employee Learning will replace Halogen and also house EPIC Training. Please see the information/links below OR talk to your department manager for questions.


SF Learning FAQs



  • Do Not Use Internet Explorer, instead use either Firefox or Chrome web browsers.
  • Approximately 10,000 users (including UCSF at ZSFG personnel) within the DPH network are transitioning to EPIC.
  • Modules are assigned to all employees who access any DPH/ZSFG systems.
  • All UCSF at ZSFG personnel will receive an email with a link to the SF Employee Learning portal, login username, temporary password, and instructions.
  • The New Password must contain minimum of
    • 10 Characters
    • 1 Upper case
    • 1 Lower case
    • 1 Special Character (preferably $,!,%; try to avoid using #, or @)
    • Must not contain First Name or Last Name
    • Must not be previous 7 passwords
    • Setup City and County Multi-Factor authentication by either answering security questions, setting up a mobile number to text a security code to or installing the Oracle Mobile Authenticator
      • Videos on enrolling and using the CCSF Oracle Mobile Authenticator are located in the Resources section below.


  • All staff and faculty are required to complete Annual Online Training modules by October 31, 2019 (please note this date was extended from June 30th).
    • Annual Online Training modules will be assigned by DET & users will not receive any notification of assignment.
  • All faculty, trainees, and staff are required to complete Privacy Compliance modules by June 30, 2019.
    • Privacy Compliance modules will be assigned by DET & users will receive an auto-generated instruction email.
  • All EPIC users are required to complete EPIC Training and Assessment to access the EPIC Electronic Health Record (EHR).
    • EPIC Training modules will be assigned by a combination of pre-populated modules & self-enrolled modules.
    • EPIC Users should contact their Department Manager if unsure of which modules to self-enroll into.