2018 Annual Diversity Event at ZSFG

The 2018 Annual Diversity Event at ZSFG, featured a panel discussion based on the documentary: Edith + Eddie, which touches on the themes of Interracial Marriage, Super-Agers, and Dementia.


About the Documentary:

Edith+Eddie is a 2017 American documentary film nomnated for an Academy Award, directed by Laura Checkoway, and produced by Thomas Lee Wright.  It is about a heartwarming love story about America's oldest interracial newlyweds, aged 96 and 95, who married after ten years together. However, the story took a turn when the happy couple was forcibly separated by a court order, mandating that Edith go live with her daughter in Florida. Although Edith and Eddie are deeply in love, that's not where the story ends. 


  • October 4, 2018 Diversity Event