Computing & Network Services at ZSFG

The mission of the ZSFG Dean’s Office Computing & Network Services (CNS) group is to support the academic, research and administrative missions of the University of California, San Francisco at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. CNS as part of the School of Medicine provides information technology services to UCSF staff and faculty at ZSFG. The CNS unit bridges the gap between the University's academic, research and administrative computer and network needs and those of the DPH at ZSFG.

DPH Systems

Click this link for instructions on accessing the various DPH systems.

Hydra Dean's Office Database

Hydra is a database managed by the ZSFG Dean’s Office which captures UCSF at ZSFG employee and trainee data elements via selected upstream UCSF and DPH database feeds. Hydra is utilized for DPH onboarding, offboarding, and compliance reporting.  Department managers or their designees receive monthly reports and are responsible for ensuring the data in Hydra for their department is accurate and up-to-date.

Network Connectivity

Project Requests

The UCSF CNS Project Request Form should be used by customers to request new IT Projects. The form provides the CNS group with a formal process for submitting, tracking, evaluating, prioritizing, and implementing project solutions.

Following receipt of the Project Request Form and approval, the CNS group will typically complete the following phases of the Project Life Cycle

  • Initiating: The goal for this phase is to confirm the scope, objectives, plausible time, costs, and probable staff resources.
  • Planning: This phase includes gathering of detailed requirements and detailed implementation planning. Plans created will help to manage the timelines and costs.
  • Executing: This is the implementation phase, in which the planning from above is executed to address the scope and objectives outlined for the project.
  • Closing: The project is completed, deliverables and applicable documentation are turned over to the customer, and staff resources engaged in the project are released.

UCSF CNS Project Request Form 

Return Form to email: [email protected]                                                                                                                                                                                                  Please allow up to two weeks for a member of the CNS group to respond to your request.