Wireless Networks at ZSFG

The UCSF School of Medicine, working in conjunction with the Department of Public Health (DPH), provides wireless services to UCSF faculty, staff, and affiliates of the University at ZSFG. Listed below are the various types of wireless networks that are currently offered. By accessing these networks, users are agreeing to comply with the UCSF Minimum Security Standards for Electronic Information Resources.

  • UCSFwpa: This wireless network provides encrypted access to all UCSF network resources and the Internet. A UCSF Active Directory account is required to authenticate to this wireless network. More information about the UCSFwpa wireless network is available on the UCSF IT Secure Wireless website.
  • UCSFguest: this wireless network, intended to provide UCSF faculty, staff and University affiliates access to the Internet is available on most ZSFG buildings except Building 25. More information about the UCSFguest wireless network is available on the UCSF IT Guest Wireless webpage.
  • DPHuser: accessible at the ZSFG main campus, this wireless network replaced UCSF-Clinical.  This wireless network provides encrypted access to DPH clinical systems, UCSF network resources, and the Internet. This network is restricted to clinicians and staff with valid UCSF or DPH Active Directory accounts. Instructions to configure devices to connect to this wireless network can be found below for both limited and full access. DPHuser supports the following services:
    • Limited Access: Granted when using Active Directory user credentials to some DPH clinical resources via Citrix/VDI (VMware Horizon) client only.  Instructions on connecting to DPHuser with limited access (user-authentication) can be found here.
    • Full access: Full access to the DPH clinical network is automatic (in most cases) when connecting from UCSF AD bound Windows devices configured at ZSFG.  Instructions on connecting to DPHuser with full access (computer-authentication) can be found here.
  • DPHguest: accessible only in Building 25, this wireless network will be expanded to other buildings at ZSFG in the coming months. This wireless network is available to visitors of the ZSFG campus who need access to the Internet. No client configuration is required. Internet traffic may be monitored and bandwidth is limited. More information about the DPHguest wireless network is available on the DPH Secure Wireless Networks website.


The following areas have been activated for wireless connectivity of UCSFguest, DPHuser, and UCSFwpa.

  • Bldg 1, All floors
  • Bldg 3, 1st - 2nd floors, 5th and 6th floors
  • Bldg 4, All
  • Bldg 5, Main Hospital, All floors
  • Bldg 5, M Tower, All floors
  • Bldg 9, 2nd and 3rd floors
  • Bldg 10, 2nd and 3rd floors
  • Bldg 20, All floors
  • Bldg 25, All floors  (except DPHguest instead of UCSFguest)
  • Bldg 30, All floors
  • Bldg 40, 1st floor
  • Bldg 80, All floors
  • Bldg 90, All floors
  • Bldg 100, All floors
  • 3130 20th Street, CPG and Clinical Pharmacology
  • 2789 25th St, 2nd floor Poison Control, 3rd floor CVP
  • 625 Potrero Ave, NGHC



For additional information or assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk or by calling (415) 206-5126.