Conference Rooms

The Dean's Office is responsible for scheduling two conference rooms at ZSFG:

Please Note: Cafe 3 is currently unavailable until further notice

To Schedule a Dean's Office Conference Room

Contact Nancy Qare Lockhart ([email protected]) with the followng information:
*  Title of Reservation
*  Date/Time of Reservation
*  Name/email/cell phone of contact person
*  Number of anticipated attendees

UPDATED COVID Meetings/Gatherings Guidelines (as of 5/12/23)


Ramaytush Ohlone Land Acknowledgement

For meetings/events at ZSFG with 20+ individuals, please read the SF Health Commission Statement


Carr Auditorium

  • Equipment: All the AV equipment (except microphones) is in the room. There is a binder with instructions on how to operate the equipment at the podium inside the auditorium. You can use either a USB flash drive or bring your own laptop. For Mac computers, there is a mini-display port to VGA adapter in the auditorium. If you need a different kind of adapter, please bring your own. For problems with the AV equipment or if information isn’t in the binder, please contact (628) 206-5126. See available equipment and AV/IT support services: AV/IT support in Carr Auditorium: Terms of Use
  • Microphones: Contact the Pathology office (628) 206-8212 or you will need to stop by the office during normal business hours (8am-5pm). The Pathology Business office is in Building 3, Rm 102 across the hall from the auditorium. You will be able to check out a small briefcase containing the following items: 1-wireless lapel mic (labeled Lav1,) 1-Handheld wireless mic (labeled hh1), 1-Laser Pointer and slide advancer combination device. After your presentation is over, please turn off all devices (mics and laser/slide changer) and return these three items to the briefcase. Return briefcase to Pathology.
  • Address: Please use delivery address - Carr Auditorium, 1001 Potrero Ave., Building 3, Room 101 (22nd St and San Bruno Ave).
  • Notify: Please alert the ZSFG Information Desk with logistics for events with attendees unfamiliar with Carr Auditorium/ZSFG.
  • Meetings scheduled after business hours: If your meeting occurs outside of 8am-5pm business hours or during the weekend, you will need to get a key from the Pathology office (628) 206-8212 in advance of the meeting. A UCSF or ZSFG employee must be responsible for the key and give a copy of his/her ID to Pathology department. For evening and weekend reservations, please notify the ZSFG Sheriff (628) 206-8063 for security purposes.
  • Leave Carr clean and locked: When you are finished using Carr Auditorium, please clean up any trash or food left overs. Please make sure the door locks behind you when after 5pm weekdays and anytime on weekends.
  • ADA Accessible: There is a wheel chair lift outside Carr Auditorium. Please contact plant engineers (628) 206-8522 for instructions on how to operate.

Café 3

  • Cafe 3 is conveniently located in the dining room of the cafeteria on the second floor of the Main Hospital building 5. It has a capacity of approximately 25 people and has a phone and white board. This room has a door code for entry, which will be provided upon reservation confirmation. You will need to have a valid ZSFG ID Badge to access the back door of the main cafeteria before entering the door code for Cafe 3.
  • Equipment: The speaker phone is (628) 206-8120.There is no AV setup in this room and you must provide your own laptop, projector, and polycom, if needed.
  • Please note this room is often used by survey teams. When they arrive unexpectedly on campus, the room will need to be cleared. Someone from the Dean's office Admin staff will contact you to let you know and we will assist you in finding an alternative room.