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To send general mail to the ZSFG Dean's Office use:

UCSF/ZSFG Dean's Office
1001 Potrero Avenue Building 5 Room 2A21
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 206-8505

ZSFG Dean's Office Management Staff

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Vice Dean, ZSFG

Sue Carlisle, PhD, MD

Associate Dean,  Administration and Finance

Margaret Damiano

Director, Clinical Practice Group

Grace Fernandez

Director, Facilities

John Ewers

Manager, Biomedical Engineering

Jose Sanchez

Risk Management

Robyn Schanzenbach
Marcie Gigena
Pager: (415) 327-1013

Director, Finance

Jake Blackshear

Director, Technology

Tim Greer

Director, Operations

Roger Mohamed

HIPAA Privacy Analyst

Andrea Sun

Privacy Hotline

(415) 206-2354


Administrative Staff

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Executive Analyst

Wynne Bamberg

Administrative Assistant

Jeanine Craven

Project Analyst

Myleka Johnson


[email protected]