Launch of UC Center for Climate, Health, and Equity

The University of California Center for Climate, Health and Equity, dedicated to the proposition that “taking action on climate change is one of the most powerful health interventions of our time,” will officially launch this week with a series of high-level conversations open to the public online.

The center – which opened its doors in 2021, is housed at UC San Francisco and includes representation from all 10 UC campuses – is devoted to tackling the serious health issues that climate change is causing and working to make sure solutions are adopted equitably.

The connection between climate change and health runs deep, as heat waves, hurricanes, floods, fires, drought and other life-threatening events bring health consequences, from asthma to hunger to pollution.

The center aims to conduct research on climate-health impacts and solutions, educate tomorrow’s climate-health leaders, build climate-resilient health systems and advocate for health and equity in climate policies. In its work for equity, the center recognizes that climate change will hit vulnerable people the hardest, including those in low wealth communities, communities of color, historically marginalized communities, communities impacted by systemic racism, and low-income countries.

This week’s events include addresses from UC President Michael Drake, MD, and UCSF Chancellor Sam Hawgood, MBBS, and panel discussions on climate change, health and