SFGH Foundation: 150-year celebration for ZSFG

The heart of San Francisco beats to its own rhythm, and it always has. Through baby booms, housing booms, and even tech booms, we’ve seen it all.

And yet, this city can still surprise us. Its resilience. Its love. Its pride. We were here, through natural disasters, pandemics, and plagues. For the birth of new ideas, new communities, and of course, newborns. And today, we are still here, providing compassionate care for the whole person, and the whole city. And now, Zuckerberg San Francisco General is planning for the next 150 years. 

150 years keeping the heart of San Francisco beating strong.


150 years of care

Learn more about the rich history of Zuckerberg San Francisco Hospital and Trauma Center. For 150 years, countless stories of compassion are matched only by impressive