ZSFG Research Committee

Please note: The ZSFG Research Committee is placed on temporary hiatus during the design and construction for the UCSF Research and Academic Building at ZSFG, which will be the central focus of the research community for the next few years. Once we have completed the design and construction process for the building we plan to reexamine the needs and charter of a reactivated Research Committee.

To stay up to date about the building project, please see the project website: https://space.ucsf.edu/future-occupants-rab-zsfg


The mission of the ZSFG Research Committee is to advise the Vice Dean on all matters related to conduct of research on the ZSFG campus and the relationship of the research programs here to the rest of the UCSF campus and UC system, with the overreaching goal to facilitate and promote academic excellence.

The committee:

  • provides oversight on space allocation
  • provides oversight of animal facility utilization
  • provides a forum for discussion of collaboration research efforts
  • provides mentoring for investigators
  • encourages sharing of resources and equipment
  • solves logistical problems for investigators
  • supports efforts to improve research space at ZSFG
  • generally supports the research community at ZSFG

The committee is appointed by the SFGH Vice Dean from the ZSFG faculty actively engaged in research, and is made up of representative junior and senior investigators from the complete range of academic departments active in research activity on campus.

Past Committee Leadership

Stephen Nishimura, MD

Professor in Residence — UCSF Department of Anatomic Pathology

Cheryl Stoddart, PhD

Professor in Residence — UCSF Department of Experimental Medicine