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The University of California forged a partnership with the City and County of San Francisco in 1873 to provide health care services and train doctors.

Today, more than 2,000 UCSF physicians and staff from all four UCSF professional schools and the Division of Graduate Studies work side-by-side at the hospital with 3,500 employees of the San Francisco Department of Public Health.  ZSFG is one of UCSF’s primary teaching hospitals, where medical residents train under UCSF faculty and City staff.

UCSF at ZSFG offers the triple benefit of education, patient care and research. Each of these endeavors is world-class, evident in the high number of teaching awards, research grants and professional commendations showered upon the UCSF team at ZSFG. Best of all, the teaching, research and clinical care are not isolated, but work together providing real-time benefit to patients and state of the art opportunities for physicians and other providers. 


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2022 Hearts in San Francisco

Hosted by the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation (SFGHF), the yearly fundraiser event celebrates the healthcare heroes who make ZSFG where the heart is; as SFGHF plays a critical role in fuding programs and initiatives across all ZSFG services and raises awareness of our wonderful programs and heroes.



2021 SF Learning Modules and Trainings

Now Closed: Modules were available until December 20, 2021


A resource webpage assisting UCSF Faculty, Staff, and Trainees at ZSFG to navigate the City's SF Learning Portal to complete required trainings. Tools include Quick Guides, FAQs, important dates, and much more.



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