2023 Annual Learning Modules and Compliance & Privacy Training 

Deadline: Annual Learning (12/5)  |  Compliance & Privacy ( 10/31)



Annual Learning Dates


Projected Launch and Completion Dates: June 5th thru December 5th

(6 month timeline)

Compliance & Privacy Dates

Projected Launch and Completion Dates: August 11 thru October 31

(3 month timeline)

Mandatory Training  Requirement


Training is mandatory for all DPH and UCSF faculty, staff and trainees who work at ZSFG or with DPH patients or data, including UCSF Pride Hall occupants. 

The topics covered are required by federal and state law, regulatory agencies, and ZSFG policy and procedures and support ZSFG’s goal to continuously improve patient care outcomes, promote patient and employee safety, encourage employee self-development, and serve the public.


New in 2023

UCSF Faculty, Staff, and Trainees at ZSFG

  • Compliance and Privacy Module assigned August 11, about 2 months after Annual Learning Modules
  • New Training: 2023 Active Shooter

Continuing in 2023

  • Continued access to DPH EPIC contingent upon completion of Compliance and Privacy Courses
  • Pretest option added to the Core Course modules 
  • 2 Additional Core Course Modules
    • Radiation Safety
    •  MRI Safety
  • Cybersecurity Training now 2 Modules
    • Cybersecurity Training 23/24
    • Cybersecurity Privacy Training 23/24
  • Assignments for learners leaving at the end of the academic year will be dropped if offboarded from Hydra. No effect on reporting
  • Department Managers/ Champions or Trainee Administrators can update course assignments in Live Hydra Website 


Course Requirements

All UCSF faculty, staff and trainees (students, residents and fellows) at ZSFG are required to complete the Annual Learning assignments in the online SF Learning platform

            Faculty, Staff and Trainees (Residents, Fellows, Students)

  • 2023 Core Course (All Staff)
  • 2023 Clinical Compentencies- ZSFG Clinical Staff Only
  • 2023 Workplace Violence Prevention/CPI 
  • 2023 Active Shooter
  • CCSF Cybersecurity Training
  • DPH Compliance & Privacy Training (Parts I and II) 

Other Courses

Some may be assigned additional courses, depending on their UCSF at ZSFG User Role.  Please review the Full 2023 Annual Education-Course List for full details 

Please Note: EPIC Courses and Introduction to Health Equity are NOT part of the Annual Learning Assigned Courses.  Please contact the EPIC Team for EPIC Course assignments and inquiries. 

Getting Started 

To access the SF Learning platform and assigned trainings, will need: 

  • POI # (Username in SF Learning Portal)

*  contact Department Manager / Champion or Trainee  Administrator for assistance

  • SF Learning Portal Password

*  contact DPH IT Support, (628) 206-7378 for assistance


Quick Guides:

How to Access SF Learning Portal 

How to Turn Off Pop Up Blockers 


How A TA can Monitor Annual Learning Completion



Not Assigned the Correct Modules?


Required Web Browser: 

  • Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome


Completion Reports:

2023 Completion Reports: created/updated around mid-September 

DPH Training Classification:

  • All should display a training classification in Hydra to be assigned proper 2023 Annual Learning Modules. If not, correct in Live Hydra Web 



  • Complete BOTH Compliance & Privacy Parts I and II for full credit 


Additional Resources


Instructional Videos


Need Further Assistance?


Contact your Department Manager/ Champion or Trainee Administrator 




Reminders and Goals

  • Use Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Chrome  (Do NOT use Internet Explorer or Safari)
  • Turn Off Pop-Up Blockers 
  • Create Multi-Factor Authentication for Login
  • Select Title of Module to start a requirement. Do NOT select 'Launch'
  • Save course before closing browser if you have yet to complete and will return later
  • Take a screenshot of completed module, as backup confirmation 

  • 100% completion of all trainings by UCSF faculty, staff, and trainees who work at ZSFG and/or access DPH systems
  • Completion by 12/5 (Annual Learning) and 10/31 (Privacy & Compliance)

Annual Learning Confirmation