Supporting patient care and attracting leading physician scientists.

The research programs at Zuckerberg San Francisco General attract physicians who are committed to public health and medical advancement.

At ZSFG, there are more than 20 UCSF research centers, affiliated institutes and major laboratories and more than 280 UCSF researchers whose research budget exceeds $200 million every year. These research activities support ZSFG's patient care by enabling ZSFG to attract leading physician scientists, who provide patient care as well as pursuing their research activities. There is also a Research Committee appointed by the ZSFG Vice Dean from the ZSFG faculty actively engaged in research, and is made up of representative junior and senior investigators from the complete range of academic departments active in research activity on campus.

New UCSF Research and Academic Building at ZSFG

UCSF is building a modern research and academic building on the ZSFG campus along 23rd Street between Vermont and Utah Streets. The facility has a projected completion date of 2022.