Launch of UC Center for Climate, Health, and Equity

By UCSF News on September 28, 2022
The University of California Center for Climate, Health and Equity, dedicated to the proposition that “taking action on climate change is one of the most powerful health interventions of our time,” will officially launch this week with a series of high-level conversations open to the public online.

Most Important Study in the Abortion Debate

By The Atlantic on July 06, 2022
he demographer Diana Greene Foster was in Orlando last month, preparing for the end of Roe v. Wade, when Politico published a leaked draft of a majority Supreme Court opinion striking down the landmark ruling.

UCSF: Top Public Recipient of NIH Funding; 15th Year

By UCSF News on July 05, 2022
For the 15th year in a row, UC San Francisco garnered the top spot among public institutions in funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 2021. UCSF continued to rank highly among all public and private institutions nationwide, ranking fourth overall. The University was awarded...

Tubal Litigation No Better than IUD at Preventing Pregnancy

By UCSF News on June 23, 2022
IUDs work at least as well as tubal ligation, while causing fewer side effects, according to a new study. The analysis, based on six years of Medi-Cal claims data, is the first rigorous look at how long-term birth control methods perform in the real world. This study overturns the widely held...

Brainpower May Take A Beating Following Concussion

By UCSF News on June 23, 2022
While mounting evidence indicates that the long-term effects of concussion include sleep disturbances, mood disorders and headache, a new study headed by UC San Francisco finds that it may also take a long-term toll on cognition.

Stroke: Importance of Workflow

By Health Care in Europe on June 23, 2022
Stroke: The importance of workflow

The Long Haul: Early Insight into Long COVID

By UCSF Magazine on April 05, 2022
In early April 2020, a few weeks after San Francisco officials issued their first stay-at-home order of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cliff Morrison, MSM, MSN, showed up for work at one of the behavioral health facilities he administers. He had barely begun his day when he suddenly spiked a temperature of...

Applying a Population Lens to Population Health

By The New England Journal of Medicine on February 23, 2022
The public health field focuses on population health, but it can be challenging to summarize the health of an entire national population: populations, after all, are composed of myriad subpopulations, each with its own health profile. Improving population health requires having clear goals and...

Blood Pressure Control May Lead to More Mobility

By UCSF News on February 22, 2022
Patients with new spinal cord injuries whose blood pressure is maintained within a newly defined range during surgery may stand a better chance of regaining some mobility and functionality – even in patients with the most devastating injuries – according to a new study by researchers at UC San...