WARM Hearts

WARM Hearts (Women’s Advancement and Recognition in Medicine)


The Vision of WARM Hearts is to retain and support the diverse workforce of highly qualified women physicians who already provide excellent clinical care at ZSFG. By stimulating, supporting, and retaining this group of providers, we hope the quality of care received by ZSFG patients will continue to improve.

WARM Hearts is based at ZSFG and was started by Christina Mangurian, MD, MAS of the Department of Psychiatry in December of 2010. Inspired by her experience during the AAMC Early Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar, this group was created with the intention of developing a cross-departmental community of young women physician leaders who are dedicated to providing excellent clinical care at ZSFG.

Since its creation, WARM Hearts has drawn together like-minded women who all wear multiple hats at ZSFG. The group has been chaired by faculty volunteers from multiple departments, including Urmimala Sarkar, MD (Medicine); Mabel Chan, MD (Pediatrics); and Pooja Mittal, DO (Family and Community Medicine). WARM Hearts meets monthly with an email membership of approximately 40 ZSFG women faculty and a core group of about 10 women. WARM Heart members come to gain pearls of wisdom from both peers and senior women faculty. Monthly activities range from having leaders discuss mentorship to faculty development workshops on goal setting to book club on such books as “Lean In.”

WARM Hearts received initial support from The Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Advancement of Women (CACSW) and continues to be supported by Sue Carlisle, MD, PhD, Vice Dean UCSF School of Medicine at ZSFG, and the SFGH Foundation.

NEW WOMEN FACULTY: If you would like to join, please contact the current chairs!

Meeting Time

2nd Thursday of the Month from 12:30-2pm, 7E2


Chair 2018- current

Valerie Gribben, MD (Pediatrics)

[email protected]

Dr. Gribben UCSF Profile



Past chairs

Mabel Chan, MD (Pediatrics)

Dr. Chan UCSF Profile


Pooja Mittal, DO (Family and Community Medicine).

Dr. Mittal UCSF Profile


Christina Mangurian, MD (Psychiatry)-Founder

Dr. Mangurian UCSF Profile



Urmimala Sarkar, MD (Medicine)

Dr. Sarkar UCSF Profile


Past Topics/Speakers

09/2014 Dr. Niraj Sehgal, Department of Medicine, Quality Portfolio and ways to highlight QI/Safety projects in academic careers

10/2014 Fonta Hadley, Eloquence Communication Studio: Verbal and Nonverbal communication training for Leadership

11/2014 Dr. Bradley Sharpe, "Community-Based Educational Skills Series- Key Principles in Feedback"

1/2015 Dr. Brian Johnson, Mission Statements and Goal Setting

3/2015 Dr. Meg McNamara, Department of Pediatrics

4/2015 Dr. Elisabeth Wilson MD, MPH, Director of Education for the Family and Community Medicine



07/2015 Dr. Sue Carlisle, Vice Dean ZSFG

09/2015 Faculty development day at Laurel Heights

10/2015 Dr. Elena Fuentes-Afflick, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at UCSF , Mentorship

11/2015 Dr. Andrea Marmor, Challenges in Clinical Teaching

12/2015 Social Meeting

01/2016 Dr. Brian Johnson, Leadership Style

02/2016 Dr. Anda Kuo, Meeting Optimization Program workshop - MOP website

03/2016 Book club “I Know How She Does It, How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time” by Laura Vanderkam

Upcoming Topics

04/2016 – Planning for Retirement

06/2016 – Dr. Margot Kushel, Department of Medicine

WARM Hearts in the News

Staying Connected: Examples of Micro-Communities in Practice





Interesting Articles

The State of Women in Academic Medicine: The Pipeline and Pathways to Leadership, 2013-2014


The Confidence Gap. Katty Kay and Claire Shipman; The Atlantic, May 2014.