SF Learning FAQ (For UCSF Users)

What do I need in order to access the SF Learning Portal?


UCSF employees and trainees must acquire:

- A created and unique ID called a POI (Person of Interest Account): Contact your Department Champion for the number

- A Temporary Password: Contact [email protected] / 628-206-7378 for assistance. 

Please Note: Managers and/or Trainee Administrators submit a “POI Request Template” of active employees and trainees  in the UCSF Hydra database in order for an SFDPH staff member to create the POI#.  10 business day average processing time. Contact your Manager or Trainee Administrator if you still have not received your POI#.  

Where do I retrieve my username and password?


SF Learning Portal Username = Your POI#   Contact your Champion, for further assistance

 Password Support = [email protected] or (628) 206-7378  

The New Password must contain a minimum of:

  • 10 Characters
  • 1 Upper case
  • 1 Lower case
  • 1 Special Character (i.e. $,!,%; try to avoid using #, or @)
  • Must not contain First Name or Last Name
  • Must not be previous 7 passwords