2022 SF Learning FAQs: Department Managers and Champions

Most Frequently Asked Questions by UCSF Department Managers and Champions at ZSFG


Below are the typical Frequently Asked Questions UCSF Department Managers and Champions have while attempting to assist their UCSF Faculty and Staff access the City's SF Learning Platform in order to complete the required Annual Learning Core Modules and the DPH Privacy & Compliance Training.  For easier reference, the questions are displayed based on the following categories:


What will happen to DPH EPIC access if Compliance and Privacy Courses are not completed?

Continued access to to DPH EPIC will be contingent upon completion of the Compliace and Privacy Courses.



Either no training modules have been assigned or it is suspected the assigned modules are incorrect. What are the next steps?

Step 1: The Manager or Champion should review the 2022 Annual Education- Course List to determine the correct assignments based on the user's role.

Step 2: If a discrepancy is found, the department manager or champion must login to the Live Hydra website and update the "DPH Training Class" in order to correct the assigned modules.

Please Note: Updates in the Live Hydra website occur immediately. Course assignments in the SF Learning portal will be updated in 10 business days or less. Contact DET if no courses are assigned after this time. 

Why is completing the SF Learning modules and trainings so important?

The SF Learning modules and training help maintain and support faculty and staff competencies and ZSFG’s goal to continuously improve patient care outcomes. They promote patient and employee safety, encourage employee self-development, and serve the public. The topics covered are required by federal and state law, regulatory agencies, and ZSFG policy and procedures.


Training Requirements

Which UCSF Faculty and Staff members at ZSFG are required to complete the SF Learning modules and DPH Annual Compliance and Privacy training?

All UCSF faculty and staff at ZSFG who have access to any DPH system are required to complete both the SF Learning modules and the DPH Annual Compliance and Privacy Training, even if the employee has not used the DPH system or does not work on the ZSFG Campus.

Exception: UCSF Faculty (Active and Courtesy) and Staff at ZSFG who have completed the ZSFG New Employee Orientation on or after January 1, 2022 do not need to complete the SF Learning Core Modules for this year. They will need to complete Cybersecurity Training, Workplace Violence Prevention/CPI, and DPH Compliance and Privacy Training (parts I and II).

Which modules and trainings should be assigned to the UCSF Faculty and Staff at ZSFG? 

The assigned modules and trainings will differ slightly among the UCSF Faculty and Staff at ZSFG who access DPH systems; based on the role of the user and their required competencies. The detailed Annual Education Course List can be accessed from the following link.

Has something new been added to the Core Course Modules?

Yes, a pretest option has been added and two new courses; Radiation Safety and MRI Safety.

Who assigns the required trainings?

The Department of Education and Training (DET) assigns the following SF Learning courses:

  • 2022 Core Course
  • 2022 Core Module
  • 2022 Workplace Violence Prevention/CPI

The City and County of San Francisco Department  of Technology assigns the following SF Learning course:

  • 2022 Cybersecurity Training

The Office of Compliance and Privacy assigns the following training:

  • DPH Compliance and Privacy Training (Parts I and II)

What if a UCSF Faculty or Staff member at ZSFG is on leave and unable to complete the required SF Learning Modules and requirements before the deadline?

The Department Manager or Champion would need to ensure the UCSF employee at ZSFG has an "N" or "P" status in the Hydra Report. 

If the UCSF employee at ZSFG does not have either an "N" or "P" status in Hydra,  the department will need to work with UCSF HR to update the employee's status.

Please Note: UCSF Faculty and Staff at ZSFG with an "N" or "P" status in Hydra will not be included in the Hydra SF Learning Tracking

A UCSF Faculty or Staff member no longer works at ZSFG but has been assigned the training modules. Should the training requirements still be completed?

No. The Department Manager or Champion should complete the offboarding process in the Live Hydra Web to update the Hydra record.  The assigned SF Learning requirements will be removed, as a result. 

Please Note: Offboarding someone in Hydra will also disable the DPH Active Directory (DPH EMR access), ZSFG ID Badge, and CCSF POI accounts.

Durations and Deadlines

When are the training modules accessible and what is the deadline to complete all required trainings?

The Training Modules for UCSF Faculty and Staff at ZSFG are expected to be accessible starting May 24, 2022 with a completion deadline date of November 1, 2022.

How long does it take to complete the trainings?

The 2022 DPH Compliance and Privacy Training is now completed in 2 parts. Part I takes about 2 hours. Part II takes about 15 minutes.

The 2022 SF Learning requirements can typically be completed in about four (4) hours. 

Please note: Completion times can vary based on the individual and the assigned modules, which are relative to the faculty or staff role at ZSFG. 

How long does it take for a POI# to be generated after the submission of an ARF (Account Request Form)?  

It can take up to 10 business days for the POI# to populate in the Hydra Report after an ARF is submitted.


Notifications and Confirmations

Will UCSF Faculty and Staff at ZSFG receive notification when required training modules have been assigned?

Yes, UCSF Faculty ad Staff at ZSFG will receive confirmation emails when they complete the different SF Learning trainings. 

Where can UCSF Faculty and Staff at ZSFG confirm completion of the required modules and trainings?

There are three (3) separate methods UCSF Faculty and Staff at ZSFG receive confirmation of the completion of the required modules and trainings:

1. A certificate of completion will appear on the screen after Part II of the DPH Annual Compliance and Privacy Training is completed, with the option to print or take a screen shot.

2. An automated email will be sent by the Department of Education and Training (DET) when each of the SF Learning course requirements are fully completed.

3.The requirements will no longer be displayed as 'Enrolled' in the 'Current'  My Learning section; but rather, will be displayed as 'Completed' in the 'History' My Learning section of the portal.

Where can completion reports be viewed to ensure all UCSF staff, faculty, and affiliates at ZSFG with access to DPH systems are completing the training requirement modules?

The first completion report will be sent as an attachment in an email to Department Managers and Champions.  

Completion reports will then be sent weekly to UCSF Business Managers, SF Learning Champions, and Supervisors at ZSFG   

Copy the following to the URL address line in a web browser:   \\sfgh02.som.ucsf.edu\shared$

1. Select, vol09 --> Dean --> UCSF Employee Data --> Data From Hydra  --> Trainee Admins

2. Open the Excel file named: Hydra ZSFG Active Compliance Report.xls

3. Select the Filter option and filter by your Department Name. 

4. Please note, the Compliance Report is updated daily at 11:30 am.

Should a screenshot be taken after a module is completed?

Yes, it is highly recommended to take a screenshot of the completed module for record purposes in case the system does not recognize and track completion.

Will UCSF Faculty and Staff at ZSFG be notified of assigned courses?

Yes, this year launch dates for all annual learning requirements are now aligned. Email notifications will be provided to all from each source who launched the courses.