SF Learning FAQs (for UCSF Managers)

The faculty and staff members I support don't have any courses assigned to complete in the SF Learning Portal. (I have emailed User Support, [email protected], but have not received a response.) What do I do?

We recommend you complete the ‘User Support Form’ on the Department of Education and Training’s (DET) website and ask for the courses to be assigned to your faculty and staff. 

You will also have to fill out a UCSF ARF (Account Request Form) for each person that needs to have their DPH SFLearning/Annual training data corrected (i.e. from Non-Clinical to Clinical) so the data is updated for next year's annual learning.

How do I view my completion reports to ensure all staff, faculty, trainees and affiliates are completing the training requirement modules?

It is the Hydra Manager Match file that is saved to the server share.  

\\sfgh02.som.ucsf.edu\shared$\vol09\Dean\UCSF Employee Data\Data From Hydra\Trainee Admins\Hydra ZSFG Report for CCSF POI Manager Match.xls


Please Note: The file is updated about once a week with the ELM Data we receive from DPH

If the above link does not work you can try: \\sfgh02.som.ucsf.edu\shared$

Then drill down to the folder/file.

vol09 --> Dean --> UCSF Employee Data --> Data From Hydra --> Trainee Admins

Open the Excel file named: Hydra ZSFG Report for CCSF POI Manager Match.xls


You can then select the Filter option and filter by your Department Name.